6. Time line

Beginning in the sixties of the former century, this Time Line lists happenings on a meta level in european countries, that mark the development of interest in outsider art environments.

In France, in relation with the many sites in that country, there has always been interest in the phenomenon. Although there also were other approaches, due to the strong influence of Dubuffet's art brut concept, developed in the years after WWII, many french approaches of environments have been embedded in the art brut/outsider art frame. So the time line will list some general works about art brut/outsider art that also pay attention to environments, but it does not present the history of art brut and so it will not begin in the late fourties/early fifties when Dubuffet developed and published his theory and organized expositions.

publication of Gilles Ehrmann's photobook Les inspirés et leur demeures
first INSITA triennale in Bratislava
Palais Idéal classified as monument historique (first public recognition of the value of an art environment by a european government)

publication of Roger Cardinal's Outsider Art
opening of the Collection d'Art Brut in Lausanne
publication of Bernard Lassus' Jardins Imaginaires
exposition Les Bâtisseurs de l'imaginaire, Chartres photographs of Claude and Clovis Prévost 
exposition Les singuliers de l'art in Paris
publication of Les inspirés du bord des routes by Jacques Verroust and Jacques Lacarrière

* publication of M. Schuyt, J. Eiffer and G. Collin's Les bâtisseurs du rève
opening of la Fabuloserie, France
opening of the musée de l'Aracine, Neuilly s. Marne
founding of Art en Marge, Brussels
* publication of Francis David's Guide de l'art insolite: Nord/Pas de Calais/Normandie
opening Art Naif museum in Halle Saint-Pierre, Paris (renamed 1995)
opening of Outsider Art Museum, Moscow
* first issue of Raw Vision
start of Création Franche, Bègles

publication of Les bâtisseurs de l'imaginaire by Claude and Clovis Prévost
   (republished in 2016 in an enlarged edition)
* publication of Claude Arz' La France insolite
* first issue of french magazine Gazogène
opening of Stadshof museum, Netherlands
* publication of John Maizel's Art Brut/Raw Creation
donation of the l'Aracine collection to the Lille Art Museum
* founding of Luna Rossa open air museum, Caen
* publication of Olivier Thibaut's Bonjour aux promeneurs
* first issue of french magazine Zon'art (published untill 2008, no longer available on internet)
* founding of Bruno Decharme's ABCD collection
publication of John Maizel and Deidi Schaewen's Fantasy worlds

* publication of Colin Rhodes' Outsidert art, spontaneous alternatives
* start of the project Contemporary folk art in Europe - equal rights to creativity (Finland, Estonia, Italy, Hungary, UK, coordinated by Contemporary Folk Art Museum, Finland
* dutch Stadshof collection moves to dr Guislain museum, Gent, Belgium
* international conference Manifestations of contemporary folk art and outsider art, Kaustinen, Finland
exposition Outsider Art - everyday creativity (Finnish and Hungarian folk art) and international conference Everyday Art in Budapest (in the context of the equal rights in creativity project)
start of french weblog Animula Vagula
exposition In another world, Kiasma museum, Finland
start of spanish weblog El Hombre Jazmin
* publication of Escultecturas margivagantes: la arquitectura fantástica en España, Ed. by Juan Antonio Ramirez
start of french weblog le Poignard Subtil (by Bruno Montpied)
start of french weblog Les grigris de sophie (by sophie Lepetit)
* publication of Eva di Stefano's Irregolari. Art brut e outsider art in Sicilia and establishing research group under her guidance Osservatorio Outsider Art (University of Palermo)
start of dutch weblog Outsider Environments Europe (by Henk van Es)
exposition British Outsider Art in Halle Saint-Pierre, Paris
*start of the travelling exposition Annan Konst (outsider art from Nordic countries) in Göteborg, Sweden
*founding of the European Outsider Art Association
*exposition Backyard Genius, Verbeke Foundation, Kemzeke, Belgium

publication of Minna Haveri's study Nykykantansaide  (contemporary folk art in Finland)
start of french weblog of Jean-Michel Chesné
re-opening of the Lille Art Museum with wing for the Aracine at brut collection
first issue of italian on-line magazine Rivista dell' Osservatorio Outsider Art (University of Palermo)
founding of Collectif de Réflexion autour de l'art brut CRAB, France
start of italian website Costruttori di Babele, authored by Gabriele Mina (art environments Italy)
exposition ITE art and the Kalevala, Espoo, Finland
* publication of Gabriel Mina (red), Costruttori di Babele, Sulla tracce di architecture fantastische e universe irregulari in Italia
start of finnish website ITE-net (folk art environments Finland)
* publication of Bruno Montpied's Éloge des jardins anarchiques
premiere of the french film Bricoleurs de Paradis (by Rémy Ricordeau/Bruno Montpied)
founding of the association Patrimoines Irréguliers de France
* exposition of italian outsider art in Halle Saint-Pierre, Paris
exposition of three italian creators of environments, Rome
* the website of SPACES appears in a completely revised version, including a documentation of art environments around the world
* start of Italian weblog about art environments and irregular art in Tuscia
opening of the Casa-Museo Pietro Moschini in Tuscnia, Viterbo, Italy 
* first ever meeting of the Interest Group of Environnments under auspices of the European Outsider Art Association
* start of Facebook page Outsider Art Environments Europe
* publication of Jo Farb Hernandez' book Singular Spaces,  a scholarly discussion of some fourty Spanish art environments
* start of weblog De l'art improbable aux jardins insolites dans l'Aude et les environs
meeting in Paris of the interest group of outsider environments in connection with the annual general assembly of the European Outsider Art Association
* founding of an association to save the art environment Farm with the airplanes in France after the death of its creator Arthur Vanabelle (the association was dissolved after a private party bought the property; some twenty items have been saved and might be exposed in 2017 in a local museum)
* Italian website Costruttori di Babele, began in 2010, ads a translation into english of its texts
* end may: "Heterotopias", international conference on outsider environments In Europe, Palermo, Messina (the interest grouup of outsider evironments discusses ways of protecting art environments)
* in summer a group of volunteers (student of architectures) were active in fencing and restoring part of Chomo's Village d'art préludien, a first phase of a project that aims to save the site for the future
* french weblog about art brut and environments Animula Vagula,  started in 2005, after ten years terminates its activities early september 2015
* in november publication of the book D'Étonnants jardins en Nord-Pas de Calais, which presents some twenty art environments (of which some fifteen created by people employed by a mining company)
* in december it became known that Bonaria Manca's house, the wall paintings and other creations included, has been awarded a protected status by the Italian department of culture 
* in february it was announced in the regional press that Bonaria Manca's house in the future will become a museum 
* on june 2 Josep Pujiula i Vila, creator of an imposing art environment in Argelaguer, Spain, passed away at age 79, because of a heart attack
* on june 28 Roberta Trapani defended at the National Institute of Art History, Paris, her doctoral thesis Patrimoines irréguliers en France et en Italie. Origines, artification, regard contemporain (Irregular heritages in France and Italy. Origins, artification, contemporary view)
* on january 10 Laurent Danchin passed away; french author of a large variety of books and articles, mainly about art brut and outsider art and curator of expositions in these fields, Danchin was also actively engaged in saving art environments, such as Petit Piere's Manège (la Fabuloserie), Jean Linard's Cathédrale, but especially Chomo's Village préludien
* in november a voluminous book was published in France including an inventory of (almost) all folk art environments in France: Bruno Montpied, Le Gazouillis des éléphants (The chirping of the elephants), Paris (Ed du Sandre), 2017. -936 p.  The first of its kind in France, the inventory presents some 305 folk art environments, in particular those made by self-taught artists with a naive or folk art appearance. See also the page with the annotated bibliography

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